Father's Day, the ideal gift

Be economical in the present, but not so much!

Whether for business or personal use, the 100% electric Hitech-e cars are perfect for anyone looking for economy, smart and clear technology, sustainability.

The model e.coTech2 of two places, is the super compact of Hitech Electric.
It was made for that paizão tuned to the new trends, who enjoy practicality and is concerned about the environment.

This model is perfect for day-to-day use as it is agile, easy to park, has automatic and of course very economical:

Are we talking about a businessman father? O e.coTech2 is the most practical and economical electric car for operating cost reduction. It has a low maintenance cost, as well as being a great public relations strategy to position the company as ecofriendly!

It is the perfect solution to give you freedom, economy and commitment to a sustainable planet.

Your father is more stripped, like a little more comfort? O e.coTech4 It's the electric car he needs!
In addition to being compact on the outside and spacious on the inside, it brings with it all the practicality of Hitech-e vehicles.

Through its innovative design, the e.coTech4 guarantees comfort for passengers of different heights. Another strength of this model is the ease of charging the electric car in any 110-220V jack, requiring no separate charging stations or charging stations.

It is the perfect solution for that country that likes to save at the end of the month due to the low cost of maintenance and supply - R $ 4,50 *
for a full charge - economy in the IPVA (check each state's policy) and is still concerned about sustainable initiatives.

*values ​​referring to the state of Paraná.

Oh, wait, we're not done yet! Are we talking about a delivery father? Salesman? Owner of food truck Merchant? There's an electric vehicle for him too!

We also have the e.coTruck e ecochargo - our VUCs (urban cargo vehicles) are 100% electric, perfect for those who need agility and economy in their commercial operations,
be it for urban deliveries, CD / Client circuit, among others.

Having as autonomy of 100km with a full load of R $ 6,50 *!

* values ​​referring to the state of Paraná.

It supports up to 800kg in the bucket or trunk, with great safety and comfort for the driver and passenger.

It is the perfect solution to bring financial results, business impact and great deals!

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