Master Fleets

The ideal solution for fleet management

Generating results to our customers

Third-party fleet management, through leasing, has proven to be the best way to operate in large companies, being able to focus on its core and leave fleet operations to specialists.

Thinking of bringing more value and drastic cost reduction to its customers, Maestro Frotas pioneered the adoption of Hitech-e electric vehicles.
Being an official partner in SP Capital, the company offers Hitech's complete portfolio to fleet owners who endorse innovation and reduce operating costs.

Good perks

Operational Cost Reduction;

Versatility for recharge;

Sustainability, emission 0% of CO2;

Passenger and cargo vehicle, pioneering.

"We chose Hitech-e as partners for the supply of electric vehicles for rental, as we like the portfolio with affordable prices, variety of products that will come to Brazil, and high performance engineering know how from the experience of the team in racing.
We bet that this combination will make Hitech a successful company, capable of good product tropicalization and after sales. "

Fábio Lewkowicz,

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