Urban mobility


Innovating with sustainable urban transport

As the first Brazilian unicorn, 99 has always sought pioneering and innovating in traditional markets that lacked updates.

We already know that electric vehicles will be the big change in the automotive industry in the next few years, and worldwide even talk about the end of the release for production of combustion models.

Seeking to make this technology available to its partners and customers, 99 in an exclusive partnership with Hitech Electric will run 2 models e.coTech4 through the streets and avenues of Curitiba. Passengers when they request their 99Pop in Curitiba may, to their surprise, be transported in an electric and urban vehicle 100%, ideal for mobility in large centers.

Good perks

Safe and intelligent transportation;

Possibility of a drastic increase of gain to the driver;

0% emission, totally sustainable vehicle;

Provision of current technology to Brazilians.

"It is no surprise that electric vehicles are being adopted around the world as a conscious and economical way of transport, especially for large urban centers. The Hitech Electric model, e.coTech4, is ideal for this purpose. As a Brazilian brand, we understand that this partnership between two local companies is essential to meet the specific demands of our consumer "

André Zandona,

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