Optimizing Operations

Souza Cruz

Cost benefit and sustainability define this project

In the field in which it operates, the company is a pioneer in sustainability and believes in the production of better and more solid economic results in the long term through the adoption of socially responsible behavior and practices.

Based on this premise, Souza Cruz, in partnership with Hitech, is developing a pilot project that aims to optimize the locomotion of the commercial team using our vehicles due to the non-existent environmental impact, zero CO2 emissions and the practicality that vehicles for locomotion on urban roads. The loading versatility (110v / 220v) and the cost per recharge guarantee the project an excellent cost-per-operation.

Good perks

Reduction of operational cost;

Versatility for recharge;

Practical for use on urban roads;

Sustainable, 0% emission of CO2.

"Hitech has invested in electric vehicles, offering a modern, innovative and sustainable product. We are very keen on sustainability at Souza Cruz and this project, besides reducing the operational cost of locomotion of the commercial team, ensures our commitment to the environment. "

Elfio Neto,
National Transportation Manager.

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