Sun-driven car

First electric from Brazil with photovoltaic recharge

Integrating photovoltaic recharge

Through a partnership between Hitech Electric and OMS Engenharia, a company specialized in panel installation and development of photovoltaic plants, the first 100% electric vehicle with photovoltaic recharge in the country was developed.

The chosen model was e.coTech4, which received common but flexible photovoltaic panels on the top of the car.
In this way, the autonomy of the vehicles was extended in the order of 15%.

Good perks

Operational Cost Reduction;

Downloadable in any 110-220V socket (not dependent on infra);

0% emission, totally sustainable vehicle;

Costs of purchase similar to the diesel models, but already with the implement.

"We seek to take and be able to show consumers more and more that renewable energy options are there to stay. Thus, we developed together with Hitech Electric a vehicle that besides the common recharging in bivolt, has available the recharge by solar energy, through photovoltaic panels. "

Mauro Costa,

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