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Is it possible to drive with the vehicles on the street?

Yes, all our models are homologated with DENATRAN and can circulate normally in urban roads, being prohibited the circulation in state and federal highways.

Do you want to be a Reseller?

Thank you very much for your interest in us. We kindly ask you to fill in your details on this link so that our team can contact you! Thank you.

What are the options and prices of each?

We have several options for our models, among them: air conditioning, application with telemetry for cellular and ceiling with solar recharge. You can find within each model of vehicle the respective options and values.

Speed ​​of vehicles?

The e.coTech models are 100% electric and reach the maximum speed of 60km / h. Considering our urban speed average of 35km / h, it is perfect for day to day life.

Vehicle autonomy?

Autonomy on e.coTech models can range from 80 to 100km, but can be upgraded to specific versions (lithium) for use in transport applications, among others.

Where can I recharge?

All our vehicles are part of the concept of intelligent urban use, being rechargeable in common socket (110 or 220V). You recharge at home in the time you are sleeping, for example, the same as your cell phone.

How long does it take to recharge?

Depends on vehicle model and source, on average 5 hours for full charge. However, with just over 1 partial recharge time, you already have half the range available on average. For lithium versions, soon, we will have the rapid recharge system (25min) available.

Battery life?

For Gel battery versions the service life is 60 / 70 one thousand km, already for the versions with lithium battery, of 180 to 200 thousand km. We work with partner manufacturers and take care of reverse logistics for battery disposal.

What is the warranty period, especially for batteries?

The warranty for all Hitech-e vehicles is 12 months, including batteries.

What do the vehicles offer for safety and items?

All our vehicles already leave with double frontal airbag, complying with the obligatory legislation. Our cars also have disc brake system on the 4 wheels as well as regenerative braking (this is also available for trucks).

Where is it manufactured?

Our vehicles are manufactured in Asia, but following the standards and guidelines established by Hitech-e in Brazil. The models are developed to meet Brazilian and European requirements, both regulatory and in use. In addition to bringing this technology, we have developed exclusive Hitech Electric solutions that you can on this link here

Is it automatic?

Yes, all our models have automatic transmission.

What is the carrying capacity of e.coTruck and e.coCargo?

Both have a maximum load capacity of 800kg.

How does the vehicle's license plate work?

The procedure for filing is the same as for combustion vehicles. In possession of the NF simply search for an accredited dispatcher or go directly to the DETRAN of your city.

What is the deadline?

120 days for new orders.

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