"Contributing to a sustainable planet is everyone's duty."

Rodrigo Contin, CEO

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We make it possible, through the low cost of electric vehicles, that people have more comfort compared to the current conditions of collective transportation. Have you ever wondered how wonderful it is to go to work more comfortably, spend less, and still collaborate with the environment and the people around you? This is Hitech, join us!

Developed countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Norway have already signed agreements for taxing polluting vehicles in the coming years, and many have already pledged to stop producing combustion vehicles, such as Germany itself.

Carbon Credit

Looking to the future

Calculate your carbon emissions (click here) and find out how important your participation is in reducing global warming. Start with you to change the present for a better and sustainable future.

In the middle of the year 2000, in Kyoto in Japan, 39 countries have signed the world-renowned 'Kyoto Protocol', making a commitment to reduce the emission of polluting gases in their respective nations. Thus, a certification was created to enable companies involved in the cause to market carbon credits worldwide. In Brazil this is already a reality, the purchase and sale is carried out through auctions managed by BM & FBOVESPA.

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