Exclusive and proprietary technology Hitech-e

APP Hitech-e

Via mobile app of Hitech Electric, owners can access all information about their vehicles, such as: battery level, maintenance warning, and various other resources via telemetry. In addition, you can remotely locking the vehicle, activating the air conditioning, unlocking the doors, etc.

We also have an exclusive system - iSpeed - integration with navigation apps, bringing control, security and semi-autonomous steering features to our vehicles.

Our app does communication via API with the best platforms of fleet management from the market.

API Integration - Integrates with Fleet Management platforms.

Remote Performance - How about turning on the A / C of your car from the apartment?

Semiautonomous Functions - Full control on transport.

Recharge Station

Use in garages and buildings

Do you live in an apartment and can not imagine how to load your e.coTech in the garage?

We have developed the recharge station 110-220v for condominiums, apartments and commercial establishments. The system is simple, each user creates his login in the system APP and the consumption management will be sent automatically to those in charge of administration, or even paid directly by credit card.

Sun-driven car?

Hitech Electric developed the first electric vehicle solar energy of Brazil. The model chosen was the e.coTech4, which received photovoltaic panels seeking to increase autonomy, in order to make it an ecologically correct and accessible to the population.

Photovoltaic Recharge - an additional source of recharge for your Hitech-e vehicle.

Solar Energy - recharge 100% sustainable, using abundant resources on the planet.

Extra Autonomy - gain between 15 and 20% additional autonomy per day.

Car sharing

We provide the complete solution in the case of car sharing public ou private. We have developed our vehicle models for sharing, offering still all part of communication, application of management, collection and management. With one single hiring Hitech-e offers the ready and operative service for your city or company, both in the sale and rental modality.

Integrated System: Vehicle + Hardware + Software = everything in your APP.

Application for City Halls, Governments and Companies: Multifunctional platform.

Management of the Operation: Have the whole process in a single solution.

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